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Really enjoyed this one, lots of memories fading back!

A friend joined me playing. We talk a lot and die a lot:

Piece of cake.

Homocidal, unfair, horrible cake with nice retro computer music and scenes and excellent writing.


MAN... the game is awesome but ... It's so frustrating HAHAHAH

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I was born in 1978, and some of the earliest games we ever got were KQ1, and then 2. WE had "unoriginal" copies, and SAVE - for whatever reason - never worked...

Now... we loved those games, but we had to try to finish them in one sitting... the game could only ever be tackled right from the start.

You can imagine, there might be a bit of tension in the room - 3 brothers huddled around the monitor - when it came time to walk the path of thorns, to try to reach Dracula's castle across the poisoned moat in KQ2.

Oh, my, god. And that path of thorns was so unforgiving, sooooo not-even-laid-out-fairly-or-intuitively to know which footstep might be your last... and we had no save. One bump of a thorn and the entire game had to be played from the beginning!

Once! Once upon a time... we made it.

Oh the delight to see inside the castle! What was in there? What awaited us there?!?

A circular stairway, leading up. My brother and I (twins), were asked to leave the room while our older brother attempted the climb.

He promptly fell down and died.

At this point, he deemed it appropriate to get scissors and cut the disk into "8 even pieces". Not something I approved of at all, and yet, it seemed somehow like a justifiable reaction.

This became a long standing family quote, and "fond memory" of playing Sierra games in our youth.

Without having played any of these games, I assure you that was probably a justified reaction at the time ;)

I loudly applaud thee for making a true Sierra homage! Many of us grew up playing it, and perhaps many of us (including me) were inspired to make games because of Sierra. Hooray for you! Gold. :)

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. You could probably tell that our entire team was raised on Sierra adventures.

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:) Totally. I think King's Quest 3 was my favorite, partly due to my own age and engagement at that time in history... the leap forwards in coherence of setting and storytelling was immense!

The sense of it being an ACTUAL story - moving ahead on a timeline with or without the player - with Manannan's overbearing attitude, and scheduled movements within the world. Super cool...

Your sweet EGA style graphics capture the feel of those screens - that world I got so involved in - so well!

I was immediately put in mind of the winding mountain pathway to get down from Manannan's house atop the hill!

Keep it up! So good. :P I wonder if there is more fertile ground for this approach to game making. I so enjoyed Peasant's Quest, too, for it's brilliance as a parody, but also as a really fun little game!

You are a funny person.

Does anybody know how many hellish levels there really are?...

At least there were no ladders.


Now I hope your next game project will be a reference of ladders in FPS games. There was this old LP of Thief where there was a collection of videos of the LPer failing climbing ladders....


There are ten levels, but only four or five of them are truly hellish. :)

Ladder Quest, eh? *jots down a few notes*